The M’dala Trust Online Auction

This art auction is possibly the first and largest, ever, singularly Zimbabwean artist’s collection, and auction. Being a virtual auction means that everyone, wherever they might be in the world can participate and bid for some of these great works of art. It will be impossible to view these pieces of art and not feel a tug of nostalgia, a rekindling of a past spirit of a uniquely wonderful place and peoples.

It is unbelievable that so many Zimbabwean artists, many globally recognised, have donated and offered their works to support the efforts of Mdala Trust.

The Mdala Trust has, since 2004, provided nearly R10 million Rands in aid to elderly and needy Zimbabweans living in South African and in Zimbabwe. This has been made possible by the incredible generosity of many current and former Zimbabweans and well-wishers living across the globe. Without them none of this could have happened.

Today the needs of the elderly and indigent is greater than ever before – particularly of those living in Zimbabwe. Many of these people who could never have anticipated the desperate situation they now find themselves have no other means of support and survive on humbling handouts from Mdala and other worthy charities like us.

We need to double our efforts and then double them again if we are to really make a difference.

This auction will be that opportunity. Winning bidders – and we know bidding will be tough and competitive will own a bit of history and in the process make a difference to many poorer family and countrymen/women of our native land. Not only do these pieces have real lasting value but more importantly, owning a piece will keep that memory of Zimbabwe alive.


Trust Registration No. IT 1134/2004

Non profit organisation Registration 035-987- NPO

Public benefit organisation 930 010 286