Project Noordhoeked Auction

Silent Virtual Auction followed by a Live Auction
Saturday 15th October

About Project Noordhoeked

Our aim is to retain as much ecological integrity in many of Noordhoek’s spaces. We focus on keeping the beach clean and free of dog faeces and ocean plastic and we keep the roadsides and riverine areas free of dumped trash.
Our core focus is clearing invasive alien plants from the wetland and other invaded areas around Noordhoek. We are driven by the “broken windows theory” which considers maintaining a pristine, natural space in a bid to ensure that those who pass  through or live within, have pride and care for their natural surroundings. We create sustained employment for people from the local community and feel we are a sustainable and good model for community-driven and funded environmental efforts.

Over the past 2 ½ years Project Noordhoeked has achieved the following:

Bags of rubbish removed:

  • Silvermine & Main Road: 250
  • Beach/Lagoon: 200
  • Chappies: 15
  • Brookwood Stream: 30
  • Wetland/rugby Field: 35
  • Nature sanctuary/beach residential area: 30
  • Ou Kaapse clean ups (x8): 500
  • Kakapo: 400 (beach goers collected)

Three EcoBrick benches built: 1 500kg of unrecyclable waste sequestered

Footbridge rebuilt (Silvermine village)

Brookwood stream bridge repainted, sign redone

Beach boardwalk extended (Poleyard donation) and Kakapo area landscaped

Many tons of dog faeces removed from beach and pathways

18 hectares of port Jackson cleared from wetland (City land and SANParks land) and other landowners around Noordhoek

10 snares removed from wetland since starting this arm of the project

15 press articles on Project Noordhoeked initiatives

4 jobs, three days a week
35 regular monthly donors