We hope that we cover most of your queries that you may have regarding how to list your artwork or items on this website, what the costs are, what you can expect when we list an auction and how and when you get paid.  We are happy to take your call / emails should you have any questions that are not covered in these FAQs.

How do I submit items for an online auction?

We prefer all submissions to us to be done via an online entry form which is available at the bottom of each website page on this website under the heading “For Artists & Sellers”.

On completion of the online entry form you will be redirected to a page where you will be given the banking details should we be charging an admin fee (details will be provided on the form.)

What does it cost?

Entry fees will depend upon the type of auction held. The amount will be stated here when an auction is due to be held. All payments have to be made via EFT only.


Does Noordhoek Auctioneers take commission?

Yes. This commission will vary depending upon specific circumstances. This information will be made available prior to a planned auction.

What size images do you require?

All images must be a minimum of 1200 pixels wide and of high quality. Maximum upload is 5MB.  We will not accept badly cropped photographs, photographs with glare, or bad quality photographs.

Can I send images of framed artworks?

Yes you can.We will present both framed and unframed images for your artwork.In fact it is best if you do include an image that shows the frame.

What measurements of my artwork is required?

Measure the artwork listing height then width in centimeters. If the item is in a frame, provide the overall dimensions of the frame as well.

What happens if someone wants to buy my painting privately after I have submitted the artwork for auction?

As a general rule this behaviour is unacceptable. If such an event should occur all artwork from that artist will be removed forthwith.

Can I remove my work from the auction at any time?

We would prefer that you do not pull the item prior to the start of the auction.
Once bidding on the item has commenced it cannot be withdrawn.
We will not accept a replacement nor will you be refunded for your entry.

If I don't get any bids/sales on an auction can I enter the same artwork again?

We would love to give visitors to our website a new experience each time we hold an auction, therefore we recommend that new works of art is submitted. However if you are submitting works of art regularly we would suggest that you stagger the same entries over a number of auctions.

What must I do during the auction?

You are strongly advised to visit the website as often as possible so as to follow the progress of your artworks. You can easily see if there are bids and what the amounts of the bids are.

How do I package my artwork safely?

There are three categories for shipping.

  1. Buyers Pickup:  Wrap the artwork so that it can be safely transported in the hands of the buyer.
  2. Courier within South Africa: Wrap the artwork so that it can withstand rough handling by couriers.  Mark as fragile
  3. International Courier: These artworks require substantial packaging.  Mark as fragile.

When artworks are delivered to Noordhoek Auctioneers they must be marked with:

  • Your Name
  • Title of Your Artwork
  • SKU number which is on the website under your artwork.

Here are some external links to guide you.
You Tube
Wrapping Your Artwork

What must I do if my artwork gets a winning bid?
  1. As soon as you see bids appearing on your artwork get ready to have it wrapped for shipping.
  2. Noordhoek Auctioneers will communicate with you via a Whatsapp Group called Noordhoek Auctioneers Notifications.  Other important messages will be distributed in this way. (This can be within hours of the close of the auction.)
  3. Deliver your artworks to Noordhoek Auctioneers within 2 days of confirmation of purchase.
What happens if I don't live in Cape Town and must deliver artwork?

Noordhoek Auctioneers can make special arrangements to have your artwork collected by a courier for delivery to the buyer.

Who pays for shipping?

The buyer is charged for shipping. This cost is an added cost at checkout to the buyer.

What happens if I find my artwork is damaged after the sale?

Noordhoek Auctioneers will not accept any damaged artwork.  No buyer would be happy receiving anything that is not perfect.
The buyer will be informed and refunded.
Any expenses incurred are for the liability of the artist.

Who is responsible for the safety of my artwork?

The artist.
The greatest risk of damage or loss is during shipping.  Therefore the way you have wrapped your painting is of the greatest importance.

Noordhoek Auctioneers can only accept responsibility for artworks that are in their hands.  We do not accept responsibility for damage during shipping.

Noordhoek Auctioneers do not insure artworks at this stage.

Can I get the name of the buyer of my artwork?

Noordhoek Auctioneers protects the online privacy of buyers.  We do not disclose the buyers identity or details.
(There is nothing to stop the artist from including a letter of introduction or CV when the artwork is wrapped. The buyer is therefore left free to communicate if they so wish. A certificate of authentication is also a good idea.)

How do I get in touch with Noordhoek Auctioneers?

We have a WhatsApp group where we send out important information before, during and after the auction.  If you are not on that group, please make contact with us immediately so that you can be added.
Should you need information that is not available via this notification method, nor from these FAQs then you are welcome to email us.

Should you not be available via WhatsApp please contact us via email.


When do I get paid after my item/product/artwork has been sold?

When the buyer pays and receives their product/artwork, we will make payment to you; this generally will take two to three weeks.

Do winning bidders sometimes fail to pay for their winning bid?

We have not had this happen and if we notice no immediate payment after the auction closes we try our best to chase the buyers as best we can.